About Me

I am a filmmaker and stay-at-home mom who has recently moved back to Boulder, Colorado after living in North Carolina for over a decade. Though I was born in Wilmington, North Carolina my parents moved to Boulder when I was three months-old. Since I wasn't born at Boulder Community Hospital (my sister was!) I don't get to be a native Boulderite and since I didn't grow up in North Carolina my accent isn't quite strong enough to compete there either. So please don't ask me where I am from - it's a conundrum for me.

I have two degrees in filmmaking. The first is from the University of Colorado and while I was there I had every intention of moving to San Francisco to work as an editor. After graduating I was inspired by my film teacher, Marian Keane, and decided to go to graduate school so that I could teach filmmaking. That is what brought me back, so to speak, to North Carolina.

After teaching for a few years at Bennett College I had a wonderful, energetic little girl and decided to take a little break from teaching. I had the chance to make the documentary of my dreams with North Carolina Dance Theatre (learn more about it here) and decided to put teaching on hold. Hopefully, I can return to it soon. I love my students so much and am still excited to hear about their accomplishments. Funny, but they will always be my students no matter how much they grow.

Now that I am back in Colorado I am redefining my life here as a fimmaker, as a mother, and even as a dancer. When I was growing up I wanted nothing more than to be a ballerina. High school altered that dream somewhat and I moved onto filmmaking. I have been dancing a lot lately and am even back in my pointe shoes. I am using this space to explore this new chapter in my life.