Monday, February 7, 2011

Figure Skating in Greensboro

This past weekend the national figure skating championships were held in Greensboro, NC. We got tickets to see the pairs skating and ice dancing. Our seats were right next to the kiss and cry area where the skaters go after they are finished to wait for their scores. We love to watch the cameramen with all their sly maneuvers and feigned boredom. I also got a good sense of where all the cameras were so that when I watched it on television I knew precisely how it was shot. This is what I consider fun, a little weird?

Oh yeah, there was also a lot of ice skating. For some reason in person the ice seems much harder and the danger of the lifts appears more imminent. Ice skating costumes are pretty sparkly, but they seemed even more so in person. We didn't see any of the famous people, but we did see ice dancers with some pretty outrageous costumes. None are pictured here though, because about the time that they came out my daughter started getting fussy and wanting to walk up and down the stairs so pictures became limited. It was amazing to see our average city on such a big scale. Later that night I watched the skating on television and the featured shots of Greensboro from a blimp! Pretty fun. All and all I recommend watching ice skating live at least once, particularly if it comes to your town.

Unfortunately, these are still digital pictures. I am becoming a real slacker when it comes to shooting film. I think this weather and time of year just has me down. Hope to snap out of it soon. If only the sun would shine. Here's to a hopefully warmer week.

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Megan said...

I love your descriptions of the kiss and cry area and the filmers, those are awesome little details! Sounds like a very cool experience. I also like watching how things are filmed/shot and seeing what they look like on screen.