Monday, March 14, 2011

On Roses, Drawer Knobs, and Buffaloes

I have been trying to be really crafty the past few weeks, but somehow I can't seem to get anything finished. These rose knobs are intended for a jewelry box that my dad made. Of course, when I told him I was making knobs for it, he told me he had wooden knobs to put on it.  Hmmmm...I wonder why they were not on there when he gave it to me? Anyway, I guess i will see how these rose knobs work before abandoning them for wood knobs.  I have one step left before installation, which is to glaze them. For some reason this is taking me the absolute longest time to get done. Actually, I know the reason - she is about three feet tall and loves to "help" with just about anything I do. Particularly, if it involves coloring and a paint brush is an indicator of a type of coloring even if the paint I'm using is clear. So, I wait for an appropriate nap time where the house is clean, the documentary in order, emails answered and so on. The waiting continues.

In an unrelated subject, I am very upset that Colorado was snubbed by the NCAA tournament. This isn't just me acting as a grumpy graduate bemoaning on behalf of her alma mater, many sports people agree with me. Even the ones on ESPN. By the way, I watch college basketball, mostly the Tar Heels, but I watch CU when I can, though they usually are losing. CU is not a men's basketball school (the women on the other hand, rock). But, not THIS year, they actually did good. And what happens? They get snubbed. I don't understand it. If there is one thing I have learned after leaving Colorado is that everyone is this country loves Colorado. Funny, cause I always thought it was a little square (Hee Hee). I just had to put it out there that I'm upset. Go Buffs. Oh, and, Beat Duke (this is a plea to anybody that plays them, please).

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