Sunday, December 19, 2010

Black Swan

BW Feet in the Tree
BW LS facing lake
Holga Feet

LS back good flare
I thought I would share some experiments I took with toy cameras of a ballerina. I am excited to see how the pictures turn out in a studio or similar.

I posted these photos because I saw Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan today. It seems as though I have been waiting awhile for this film to come to theaters and often when that happens the film is somewhat disappointing. Fortunately, this wasn't the case with this film. The opening shot was a sparse, yet, beautiful dance amid blackness. And very quickly the beautiful grain of the film was eloquently apparent. I love when filmmakers eschew that perfect, crisp look for grain with movement and imperfections. The film was shot on super16, which makes perfect sense as to the larger grain (smaller frame size will be blown up more). Anyway, enough about film grain, as beautiful as it may be.

Some criticism of the film has been the use of cliched story lines, yet I felt that the acting was so good that the ballet cliches did not bother me.  There could have been more dancing, but it may also be in that perfect middle ground of just enough. I'll have to watch it again. Many of the shots were subjective medium shots either in front of or behind Natalie Portman, thus, most leg work was not visible and there were rarely long shots showing the entire stage. When the stage was shown it felt too small to be either of the stages at Lincoln Center.

I know that I will have much more to say about this film as it is still fairly fresh on my mind. It was also exciting to see so many filmgoers out on a Sunday to see a ballet film.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I really need to go see this movie!