Thursday, June 13, 2013

The New Orange

For awhile there I was doing pretty good at regular posting, but then we all got sick in the house and I fell behind on everything. My daughter has also started taking swim classes three days a week so I need to figure out how to revamp our daily schedule. I think this is sort of how it goes with writing a blog though. Unless the blog is your main source of income; there are times in our lives that we have to focus our energy elsewhere.

Our neighborhood has been abloom with oriental poppies. During walks to the park I have noticed some backyards that are completely covered with them. They seem to grow almost like weeds around here. I don't recall ever seeing them, in a substantial way while in North Carolina (daffodils/jonquils were predominant there) and in Denver we didn't live in an area with yards. In the past few years orange is becoming a favorite color of mine. It started with a painted chair, then a rug, and now I even have an orange shirt. Who'd have thunk it?

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