Thursday, April 18, 2013

An Ikea Visit...please

Ever since we moved I have been waiting and waiting to make it over to Ikea. Mostly I need some curtains. Right now we have these vertical blinds that my daughter loves to play with and destroy. Plus, I guess they look better than horizontal blinds, but not that much better.

First I waited for financial reasons there were other more important things to buy. Then I waited because we were perusing Craigslist for some items and since Ikea is now nearly an hour away I needed to wait until I had a better idea of what we would need. I never go to Ikea on the weekends because it is always busy and will drive me insane so I am limited to weekdays. Last week we went to Breckenridge, during the week, when I thought I might go and now it has been snowing all week and keeping me away. I thought for sure I would go yesterday until a warning disturbed a morning cartoon warning of blizzards - in the same county as Ikea. Ugh.

When we lived in Denver sometimes we would head over there just to hang out. We could eat lunch on the cheap and my daughter would host tea parties in the show room. Perfect for cold days when you can't go to the park and have visited the museum one to many times that week.

And now, I need to go and am being kept away. Am I pathetic that this is controlling my thoughts right now? Perhaps, but I would really love some $20 curtains in my living room. Sigh.

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