Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lovely Stairs

So, I am still not getting quite back in to the swing of things just yet. Every morning I wake up and think what do I need to do around the house? Where as I used to get up and spend an hour or two (depending on what needed to be done) working on my film, publicity for the film, this blog, or other personally fulfilling work. Not that projects around the house are not fulfilling there just is SO much of it I am feeling stifled. My documentary is just sitting in a drive screaming out, "finalize me, finalize." Soon, I hope.

Anyway, aren't these stairs awesome? I wonder what song lyrics I would paint if I had stairs to paint? These are pretty good ones; perhaps I wouldn't change anything. Hmmmmm...

(Find the above picture in this post at the wonderfully beautiful blog; fieldguided)

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