Friday, May 10, 2013

A Biscuit for My Thoughts?

 I am getting overwhelmed. So is my daughter. May is a big month for my family. We have two birthdays and Mother's Day within a week of each other. Every year. Just this week I realized I hadn't gotten any presents for my daughter, yet. That is remedied as of now.

Since I have been doing a regular themed Wednesday post I have this great fear that I will end up with two Wednesday posts back to back and it will be oh so boring. When I have thought about the blog this week all I have thought about is that I need to do a Wednesday post and that I don't want a Wednesday post to back up to Wednesday post. Fun stuff.

At some point in time I got so far behind on everything I need to do that I can't even fathom how I will get back on schedule. Or at least not having something looming in front of me that needed to get done a month ago. My house is at an acceptable place, sort of, that is an accomplishment. I still don't have a desk and I need one of those. I have one that needs to be repaired and painted, but it won't stop snowing/raining/threatening either.

At some point during my mom's surprise party I was convened with others in the kitchen talking about flour storage. I actually love this topic - I use a lot of flour. Back in the day, like my great-grandparents, they had built in sifters in cabinets and furniture because using flour was more than likely a thrice daily occurrence. I may not use as much flour as they did, but I never sift when I more than likely should (I whisk the flour). If only I had a built in sifter.

I write this now because for some reason it comforts me to know that in the midst of all this confusion and things left undone in my life, food is often baked in our house nearly every day. I think that is an accomplishment. Yesterday we had scones for an afternoon snack and they day before we had egg biscuits for lunch. This afternoon I will make a cake for a four year-old's birthday. Rainbow themed.

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