Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I hate that I disappeared for a week or, perhaps, longer. I don't know the exact length and am not sure that I should count it; I might not like the number. My official excuse is that we had family visiting from North Carolina. I have also revamped my film festival strategy and it is considerably more time consuming. Though I think I can take a week break from it while I play catch-up in other areas - like this blog.

When I did get a few minutes on the computer last week I have to admit I spent them somewhat wastefully looking at blogs and perusing pinterest. If anything though I just needed a little time to relax and that did the trick. I only started a pinterest account a few months ago, but am starting to see the benefits (check out my boards here).

Recently, I keep coming across homes with pianos in them and I have been really wanting on (like in the above picture, found here). The new thing seems to be to paint the pianos and I really love how they look and they seem to be a great accent piece. I don't play the piano so it might not be practical in that regard (maybe my daughter will?) yet I think it can add a lot to the house. Plus, if anyone ever visits that does play it will pay-off. Maybe, I think they are a pain to move. So I hear.

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