Sunday, May 5, 2013

Music Memory

Tonight I went to see my friends dance performance and one of the dances included John Prine's "In Spite of Ourselves." I listened to him A LOT growing up, but that is okay since he is pretty awesome. My sister and I have discussed this and he is the only they overplayed that we didn't get sick of. For instance I'd advise never playing Lucinda Williams for my sister; particularly Car Wheels on a Gravel Road. Depending on how she feels you'll get either an eye roll or an earful. I wonder what band/artist will drive my daughter crazy in the coming years? So far she likes everything I like. I know it won't last.

Years ago I saw Patty Griffin and John Prine in North Carolina. It was good. Patty Griffin came out and sang with John Prine. An audience member taped half of them singing "In Spite of Ourselves." It's just as I remember. In that youtube kind of way.

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