Monday, May 13, 2013

Back to the Doc

Now that I have two birthday parties under my belt. I really need to focus on finishing up the very last, last edits on the documentary (see the trailer). That will be my goal this week. I also need to paint my desk and write a piece for DIY Dancer. At some point in time I hope to have a day with nothing major on the horizon. I wonder how long that will take?

Last week amidst all the party planning I was also revising my festival strategy for the documentary. It has not gotten into anything, yet, which isn't as awful as it seems. So far I have only heard back from fairly big festivals (not the biggest of big, though, I don't apply to those because it is nearly impossible to get into those by simply just sending your film and paying the application fee - there is much more to it), and I had very, very small chance of getting in to these festivals as well. I believe I needed to give it a go anyway so I will have no regrets about my festival strategy.

Now, I am working on sending to regional film festivals. The sad thing that I have learned in the past few months (from comments that have trickled in from festivals and the like) is that people really do have a stereotype against ballet and even if they like the film it gets categorized as for dancers. Unless a documentary is a social issue documentary, which I happen to be tired of watching (so many of them veer so much into propaganda), I feel as though I am always watching categories - fashion, running, art, pet cemeteries. I watch them all and learn something from each one. So why can the attitude not be the same for a documentary on dance? I can't help thinking it has something to do with the female aspect of the field.

I am taking all of this and trying to adjust my strategy accordingly. I have been contacting programmers before sending the film to gauge their reaction to a ballet film. Some have been surprisingly honest and admitted they can see how the stereotypes of ballet may alter their perspective. Seeing as how they are engaging in a dialogue with me about it makes me believe they will be more open when they watch the film.

I do have to say it surprises me how many festivals simply don't reply to my email. It seems extremely unprofessional. At least I now know that sending my film to those festivals is a waste of a submission fee! To get me back on track with this documentary I thought I'd share some photos from the film today. What do you think of them?

Lastly, I am trying to work out the layout of the blog so forgive me for all the random buttons and whatnot - it should look better soon. Hopefully.

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Mudwhimsy said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the one with the red flowers.