Thursday, July 8, 2010

Polaroids and Super 8 Transfers

I have really grand plans of posting Super 8 footage on the eighth of every month. Today is supposed to be the first day, but I am having a little transferring problem. I shot some footage almost three weeks ago and it looks really good when projected on the living room wall. Of course now I just need to work on getting the footage digitized, which inevitably loses some of the wonderful quality of a projected image.

Awhile back I was able to find a fairly new (considering it is from the 1980s) Super 8 transfer system at the Goodwill for five dollars. When I first opened it I found the above cat Polaroid (isn't it sweet?). Thought I would share that with you now and hopefully will have some Super 8 footage for you shortly. It may be a little overexposed, but maybe that will only add to its charm?

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Great find for $5.00... jealous!

I'm really enjoying your photos!