Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Week of Dancing (I hope)

Last week I was very focused on making cupcakes for the family get together this weekend. I think they were a success and folks seemed to like them. They looked very pretty and I was proud of them. It was actually very fun to make them and I enjoyed it. I will post pictures soon.

This week I wan to focus as much as possible on my documentary proposal regarding dancers. I also am interested in making a dance film as well, but am having problems finding dancers. Finding talent is always harder than you think. We'll see how it goes. Perhaps I will finish reading my Maria Tallchief autobiography as inspiration.

Tonight we watched The Third Man and I am having the urge to watch more Film Noir. I was going to write about Noir tomorrow, but I think I may wait until I have watched some of the films I just added to my Netflix.

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