Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gone With the Wind

This weekend all the leaves were beautiful and it was sunny, warm, and perfect. We went on a lovely walk and found a new park for my daughter to play. Now, the week has gotten windy and rainy, which causes all the beautiful leaves to fall off.

Yesterday, in the morning a noticed my fig tree was still covered in leaves. When I looked at it again that evening it was completely bare; the wind and rain had taken off every single leaf! I always hate it when this happens and it seems to happen every year. Even though we seem to have lost an inordinate amount of leaves yesterday there are, luckily, many of the leaves have held on. In Greensboro there is a street (West Market) that has a picturesque canopy of trees arching overhead as you drive under. They have all changed colors and it so beautiful. Even on a day like yesterday when you drove under the light was amazing as if filtered through the leaves. Today looks to be shaping up to be better, at least the sky is blue!

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