Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holga/Diana Experiments

I have this really grand idea to do the publicity for my ballerina documentary using my Holga and Diana Cameras (and possibly my grandmother's Duaflex). The idea being that if I am trying to humanize an icon, the ballerina, using these un-perfect cameras to showcase women who have spent their lives trying to achieve perfection would visualize the concept. Sound good? Though, all that matters is that they look good.

The above pictures were taken with the Diana. They are so dark. Ahhhhhh. The Holga pictures look significantly better at least when looking at the negatives, but my scanner won't recognize the negative. Ugh! It's driving me completely crazy. I think it is because all the pictures are jammed together and the scanner wants to see singular frames and not one long frame. I wish I could throw the scanner through the window. Perhaps, it would work then?

This weekend I received test prints, no negative scanning required. Yay! Though I still have to scan the prints, but that is a piece of cake. Some of them are so beautiful with lovely flare and out of focus edges. The exposure is much better, but I really want them to be almost over exposed. I think I just need to not be picky and go with the flow of whatever develops.

I have already taken two rolls of one of the ballerinas. They are still waiting to be developed. Cross your fingers!

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