Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And Suddenly It's Winter

Holga Pic on Spring Garden

Holga Pic silhouette

The temperature seemed to drop very quickly. Cold weather seems to have taken over North Carolina. All the leaves are on the ground now, even the deep red ones. It was also freezing cold in Atlanta where we visited for Thanksgiving. Usually, we spend the day after Thanksgiving visiting a museum or local attraction and this year we were planning on the zoo. Unfortunately, the weather did not permit for time outside. It was rainy, cold, and gray, putting everyone into moods to match. Somehow we redeemed the day, but shopping. The thing about the day after Christmas is the crowds seem to subside after noon. We only went to Target, Trader Joe's, and CVS, but it was fun and not as stressful as it may have been three hours earlier.

When we returned to Greensboro on Saturday (after a stop in Charlotte to visit Ikea) I rested for the night so that I could get up the next morning to prepare for second Thanksgiving. It has been a long time since I have not had my sister with me to listen to Alice's Restaurant for our Thanksgiving celebration. It is odd to be the only one to know (relatively, it is a long song) all the words and want to dance around. My grandmother did a good job though and we tried our best to get my daughter to dance, which she did for a bit and then got bored. Afterward, we ate Tofurkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and an apply gingerbread upside down cake. It was a very good second Thanksgiving.

On Sunday after we have recovered from dinner we put up our Christmas tree. Growing up I always had a real tree, but my husband really wanted a tree with light already on it. Putting lights on the tree is not his favorite thing to do and he feels passionate about it so I gave in a few years back. I have to admit it does make the Christmas tree easy and it is so nice when you plug it in and the beautiful light fills the room. It's so nice and suddenly it feels like Christmas in just a matter of minutes, with no struggles over the tree. I have to admit I'm starting to appreciate the artificial tree.

As soon as I have film developed I will post some Christmas-y pictures, but for now enjoy the last memories of fall.


Anonymous said...

Stay warm!

I can't wait to see your film photos : )

alexandria said...

Yay for the Christmas tree! We got ours two day after Thanksgiving and it's been so cozy and nice.