Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Miss Law & Order (the original)

I know that it had been on forever and I can still watch episodes on TBS, but I still miss it. In my opinion, CSI is all flash with no substance. Law & Order is thought provoking and deals with tough issues. Yesterday, I watched an episode that was probably close to ten years old that dealt with e coli and the food supply being tainted. Still relevant. It's not just about the grotesque way in which people are killed, but also about the politics of our nation. The show had a visual style (hand held camera work) that reflected the nature of the characters and setting instead of just how extreme can we get with our color grading. I am particularly upset that the show did not get a proper send off. They deserved a real final season with guest appearances and a Lenny Briscoe tribute of some kind. All right enough with my rant.

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