Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Resolutions
We just arrived back in Denver about five hours ago. My resolution for the day is to take a nice long hot shower. It will be so nice. Hopefully by Sunday evening I can pack away all the Christmas stuff and unpack from the trip.

As for my New Years Resolution I really want to focus on getting all of my work and career more active in Denver. With all these movies out about Alfred Hitchcock (whom is one my favorites filmmakers so I have been bombarded with questions about him recently) I have realized that I haven't sat down and watched one of his films in a long a time and I think not watching great movies has my inspiration running low. Since I have been working on Strength and Beauty I have been watching a lot of documentaries and that has sort of zapped my creativity because, unfortunately, a lot of docs are very poorly made. They are so reliant on the subject at hand that attempts to really create a story, flesh out characters, or simply create a nicely paced and well edited film fall to the waste side. Though, I would argue that most films made nowadays are extremely poorly edited - but that is a whole other post. So a very important resolution for me is to get back into watching films made before 1960.

In addition to that my other resolutions are as follows:
1. Continue writing in this space on a regular basis.
2. Finish up everything with S & B (master cut, DVD).
3. Write a Dance on Film article I have been gathering notes on for years it seems!

That is about all. There is probably more, but I have hit my threshold for computer time. Though, accomplishing this would really get me to a good creative place I believe. So here goes for a great year in 2013.

(Alfred Hitchcock photo: source)

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