Monday, October 11, 2010


This weekend we attended the Ava Gardner Independent Film Festival where Monday Night Pottery screened. It played in an old lodge house that has been re-purposed into a theater. My daughter loved running all around the seats. Luckily, nearby there was a festival of a new trail opening that weekend that my husband took her to play while I watched the movies.

The big thing in video production right now is using a DSLR to shoot HD video.The most popular being the Canon 5D Mark II. One benefit of this camera that most video cameras do not have (without a special lens set-up attached to them) is shallow depth of field (where only a small area of the frame is in focus and the rest is dramatically blurry). I noticed that almost all the filmmakers were playing with depth of field and by the end of the screening I was kind of over it, mostly because none of it was motivated. Instead, it was - look at this cool thing I can do. Lucky, for me because I was considering renting one (mostly to play with depth of field) to shoot some dance sequences for my current documentary, but now I think I'll save that money and use it elsewhere.

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