Friday, October 1, 2010

Rain, Rain

Though I spent a lot of this week trying to persuade my daughter from the door. She constantly points at it and hands me my shoes so we can go outside. A couple times I thought if she realized it was raining outside she would want to stay inside. But, it turns out she likes to play in the rain just as much as the sunshine.

I love rainy days inside and when I could distract my daughter from the door with a book or crayons and we sat and listened to the sound of the rain on the roof; it was blissful. Soon, I'm sure I will be dreaming about letting her run around the yard again. For now I am so excited about the change of weather and am thinking I will even be able to change my summer clothes out for autumn/winter. The excitement.

In a couple weeks we are visiting Asheville, NC, which is in the mountains. I hope that the leaves will be changing there so I can get some good pictures. We have just a few select trees that are no longer green, but the piles on the ground seem to be getting larger everyday.


Megan said...

Those rain boots are adorable! No wonder she wants to play in the rain all day. But it is such a nice thing to be inside on a rainy day listening to the sound of it.

Anonymous said...

How cute!