Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little Ray of Sunshine

It rained last night and this morning making the gardens have a really pretty mist around them that was accentuated by the fall colors. Of course I didn't have my camera so it lives only in my memory. The gardens were also very empty no joggers or dog walkers.

Midway into our walk we met another frequent visitor to the gardens. She is a grandmother who is originally from Russia who walks her full grown poodle. We have walked with her before my daughter likes to hold her hand and pretend she is walking the dog as well. She smiles holding both our hands and looks up at us while walking. I am not sure what our walking companions name is and she doesn't speak the greatest English, but that only makes our walks that much more charming.

Today she said to me, "You don't need a son when you have her (motioning to my daughter)." I wasn't sure what to think about the comment. I was trying to remember if Russia had a predominant preference for sons similar to China. It was a little perplexing, but soon I realized she meant, " You don't need THE SUN when you have her." Very sweet. I have been calling my daughter a little ray of sunshine all day!

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