Thursday, June 17, 2010

Herb Grower

Alright, I'm only actually growing two herbs and the basil looks really pathetic, thus, no pictures. Technically, I have two types of mint: spearmint and chocolate mint. They are doing very well.

My main reason for growing mint is so I can make mojitos and if I was better about brewing iced tea I would put some in that as well. I had mojitos at my bachelorette party at The Mediterranean in Boulder, CO. They use fresh mint and were excellent. I highly recommend visiting if you are ever in the area; you'll have to suffer a long wait, but it is worth it. Previous to my bachelorette party I had maybe had a mojito once or twice, though they were more than likely made with mint syrup or some other faux mint and they were not as impressive.

My good friend, Lindsey, who was in my wedding, and I go to the The Med when ever I visit Boulder and we partake in mojito. The other day I finally (after three years of talking about it) made them myself after watching this cheesy, but informative and regrettably enjoyable video. They were delicious.

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