Thursday, June 10, 2010


I am trying very hard to sit down and write. The ideas are floating around in my head, but I am finding too many distractions to focus. Earlier my daughter was playing outside and kept trying to eat bird poop while I was trying to write my documentary proposal. I always hand-write my work first, which makes it fairly easy to follow her around with a notepad and sit where ever she decides to play. I think I am procrastinating because the proposal is not very fun to write. Pre-production on a documentary is very tedious to me. Unlike a narrative (fiction) film a documentary really comes together when editing, so I am excited for that stage even though it is far, far, away.

Speaking of narratives my other distraction is that I have a fiction script that I want to start writing and am much more excited about. I'm refusing to let myself work on it until the doc proposal is done. There is a very good chance the documentary will get made and not such a good chance for a narrative feature, which is why I need to focus primarily on the doc. You'd think that would light a fire under me, but so far it is not working.

I won't get anything else done today because my sister is coming over in a couple hours so that we can shoot something for a video to post tomorrow. I think this one will be good. I'm very excited and this time there is a real actress and not just my husband!

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