Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thoughts on Summer

This weekend we had to cut our time outside short because it was so unbearably hot. It seems as though summer started about two weeks ago instead of just yesterday. On Sunday they had a summer solstice celebration in the afternoon at the arboretum. We usually love going there and all of the above pictures were taken during walks at the arboretum, but it was way to hot to join in the celebration, for us at least. My husband remembered the event from last year and said there would be fairies running all around since I didn't believe him we did a drive by to see the fairies and check out the festivities (on the off chance it was worth leaving the air conditioning). It just looked hot to us. There was no shade and I saw no fairies. Later that night the local news confirmed the fairies, but with no good footage so I am still slightly skeptical. I think it was too hot for fairies as well.

Lately, may days are starting to follow a routine. It relies a lot on my daughter keeping her nap schedule, but for the most part I have been able to write and/or edit video in the mornings and late afternoons. She is currently napping though I am hearing some noise on the monitor so we will see how long this lasts. This week I am a little nervous because one of my students is waiting to hear back from graduate school. She and I have been working together a lot this summer to make her application really stand out. This weekend she had a phone interview and it sounded like it went really well and now we are just waiting on pins and needles. Hopefully, she will hear this week. If she doesn't get in to this school at least we have finished all her materials and she can apply to others. She is a very talented student and I believe whichever school she decides to attend will be lucky to have her. It is amazing how invested you get in your students and how proud you are of them as they venture out into the world. Ironically, I have another student who just finished her first year of graduate school and sent me her first year film project and it is strikingly similar to my first graduate film (sort of the first film, but that's a whole other post). She has never seen my film, which makes the parallel that much more striking. I know that I am not as proud of them as their parents are, but I consider myself to be next in line!

My daughter will be waking soon and wanting me to read the same book over and over again to her and I'm hoping to unload the dishwasher before she rises. So I am off. Hopefully, it will cool down enough today to take a late afternoon walk.

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