Thursday, June 24, 2010

Post Script

Dear Blog Reader,

Recently I have been thinking about how to tell friends and family that I don't speak to on a regular basis about my blog. I'm not the kind of person that can send out those mass emails telling everyone what I've been doing. So, I've been attaching a p.s. to many emails. In a "by the way check out my blog" type manner. That's more my style.

It has gotten me thinking about p.s. and if it will slowly be used less and less. Perhaps, I will have to explain to my daughter, "well back in the day when we hand wrote letters..." When I was young I thought that the p.s. was fairly ubiquitous and I always included it when I wrote a letter regardless of whether or not I had forgotten to include something or not. I planned out the p.s. In junior high school (yes, I'm of the age I went to junior high instead of middle school) we used to pass notes throughout the school day (do students still do that? Is note passing a lost art?). A good friend of mine, Christie, had German class (I think) during an early morning period and my French class was in the same room in the afternoon, or vice-versa; this was a long time ago. We would leave notes for each other in the cardboard cut out of the Eiffel Tower. Christie would often write hilarious stories in her notes. Somewhere at my parents house I have a box of these intricately folded notes because you would always have to fold them in some origami type fashion. Who knows what I wrote, but I always had a p.s. and sometimes I went farther with a p.p.s or even a p.p.p.s.! I loved to line up all the letters and make a right triangle type shape.

p.s. Let's lunch by the tennis courts.
p.p.s. Did you see what Madam wore today? Ugh.
p.p.p.s I think maybe your necklace is not a snowflake.

The thing is with computers there really is no need for the p.s., if you forget something you can just insert it into your text and no one is the wiser. Back in the day (how'd I get this old?) you would have to start your note all over again if it weren't for the p.s. So I wonder does it still get used? Will it fade away? Be neglected and discontinued like Kodachrome? As I was adding my p.s. to my emails it felt odd like I could find a place in the body of the email. But I didn't want to, I think I miss the p.s.


p.s. Don't you hate it when you use parenthesis properly and they look like emoticons? I do.
p.p.s. Why did jr. high schools get changed to middle schools anyway?
p.p.p.s. This is pretty fun, huh?

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