Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy Day

My daughter is getting her molars and has been very fussy. Today I needed to paint a chair that I am fixing up for our living room. Of course my daughter wanted to "help." So my husband had to keep her occupied, which normally isn't such a big deal if it wasn't for the teething. She wants to be near me all the time. In the afternoon my sister called and asked if I could make cupcakes for her going away party (she's moving to Hawaii) and the party is tomorrow night. My daughter and I had to go to two grocery stores then my husband went for a third tonight for some items I had missed. I just finished them (it's 11 pm) and will frost them tomorrow. I also need to do a third coat on the chair and it will be done. It's amazing to me how busy I stay.

Through all of this my husband has been aiding the poor baby with swollen gums while I bake and paint. It made me think of when we were in Vermont and my husband would take the baby out for the day while I attended the conference. One such day they went to the wildflower farm and he took the above pictures to let me see where they had visited.

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