Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Downtown Wilmington

When I lived in Wilmington these are some of my favorite places to both visit and just look at. I really miss living somewhere that I can take a relatively short walk and be near restaurants and old buildings. Nikki's is my most favorite restaurant in the whole world. I miss it dearly. I've considered moving back just so I can eat there on a regular basis (though the lack of jobs in the area usually cancels out that idea). And, of course, yummy fudge and the good smells coming from the ice cream/chocolate shop cap of a downtown Wilmington visit.

Still super busy here. It should all change tomorrow. My sister is off to Hawaii and I have finally finished designing my DVD. Finally, peace in the house. I hope.

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alexandria said...

I would hang out at this place too. I really love that top photo.