Thursday, August 26, 2010

Holga Photos at Battleground Park

Tree Trunk
Forest Light

Today my sister gave me her Diana F+ camera and it reminded me of these photos my husband and I took with our Holga before we left for Vermont. She also gave me a book printed by Lomography that included many pictures taken with the Diana. It made me want to got the beach to take pictures. Or maybe I just want to get out of Greensboro, if only for awhile.

It is the first week back to school for everyone here it seems; the public school and the colleges/universities. A few weeks back it was odd to not be preparing syllabi and thinking about new ideas for my classes. Now I miss my students and that first week back when every one is coming to see you and explaining how the summers flew by. The college I worked out was very small and I am very close to the students. So not only do I miss that beginning of the school year feeling, but I miss my students!