Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Moments in Downtown Burlington

Here are more pictures from our recent trip to Vermont. Every year I go to this conference and it is always in a different location (wherever a hosting college/university is located). Last year it was in New Orleans and the recommended hotel (if you didn't want to stay in the dorms and you wanted to take advantage of a amazing conference discount) was the Ritz Carlton in the French Quarter. Vermont was very calm in comparison.

Vermont has a walking mall similar to the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, CO. I thought it was a little inspired by Pearl, but I'm biased. While we were there they had an outdoor art display of various cows decorated for stores and Vermont attractions. They were cute (though they did something similar in Denver a few years ago, I'm just pointing it out).  They also have similar pigs on display in Lexington, NC, which is sort of sad since the town is all about barbecue so those pigs aren't safe.

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