Friday, December 14, 2012

A Baby Shower

This weekend will mark the third in a row where I have been baking for various events. Last weekend we had a cookie exchange. I have pictures of the cookies, but this week has been incredibly busy. Next week should be a little slower. All my packages have gone off to Hawaii and North Carolina and my baby shower presents are almost finished. Hopefully, I will blissfully have not very much to do once Monday comes around again.

For this Saturday my friend, Lindsey, is having a baby shower for the little girl she is expecting. I am making cupcakes and possibly attempting some meringue cookies using an egg substitute. I really want to experiment with it and what better time than for a party? Then the cookies won't be in a pile in my house for us to eat and feel guilty. I have known Lindsey since going to Platt Jr. High together. A couple weeks ago  I was reminded (by another Jr. High friend) that seventh grade was multiple decades ago. When he told me that it made me feel old, but when I think of it in terms of my friendship with Lindsey it feels special. So that is good thing and why I will be making about three dozen cupcakes tonight.

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