Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snowy Day

Today we have finally gotten a big snow storm. We woke up this morning and went over to Snooze for breakfast and then took a walk over to Coors Field. It was nice if you were by a building and shielded from the wind, but once you left the protection of the building it was brutal. Unfortunately, I forgot my phone and camera so I couldn't take any pictures. There were two men that had pulled over to take pictures of themselves in front of the Coors Field sign covered in snow. It was cute to see them.

We were relieved to come inside because the last half of a block to our building we were not shielded from the wind and it was intensely cold. Yesterday, we made some Mason Jar snow scenes that I first read about here (with an explanation on how to make them). I wasn't really interested in making them until we went to Anthropologie and my daughter saw them and loved them. They are so easy. I used glitter instead of fake snow because I just think it looks more like real snow. Most of the fake snow is too fluffy and cotton candy-like. I wanted to put a little deer or person in the scene and we went to various craft/fabric stores and I couldn't find anything small enough. Instead, I ended up making a little paper house myself. I should have taken some pictures, but I did it pretty free form. I really like it. It is my favorite of the three.

The rest of the household likes the white christmas tree with the red ornaments the best. For that tree I used hot glue to attach red pearl-like beads to the branches. I put dabs of glue directly on the tree and then put the bead on to the glue and it stuck really easily. I could imagine burned fingertips if I tried to put the glue on the beads. I also had an old silver spacer bead that I used for the tree topper that worked really well. Overall, a pretty easy project and I really like looking at them; much more than I thought I would.

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