Monday, December 10, 2012


This weekend there was supposed to be a big snowstorm and while it did snow in the mountains it didn't do much down in Denver. We had a very light dusting on Saturday night. If I had pulled out a better camera I may have been able to capture how big the flakes were, as is this picture looks a little like heavy rain. In North Carolina snow shuts down the entire city, even a little bit of snow like we had on Saturday night. In Greensboro it may snow twice a year if that so the city has not really invested in the equipment needed to deal with it an efficient manner. Also, everything turns to ice very quickly and ice causes an immense amount of problems. Growing up in Colorado I thought I had dealt with all the wintery weather possible, but I never saw an ice storm before living in North Carolina. They are beautiful, but so incredibly dangerous. Thus, I understand the fear of wet, cold weather.

Here in Colorado I am ready for some snow (not that I didn't always want snow there as well). I love the way the light feels when it is snowing, has snowed, or is about to snow. I love how everything feels quiet no matter the time of day or amount of people on the street. There is a misconception that once winter arrives in Colorado it is always snowy and always cold. In reality we have snowy days and then the next day it will be sunny and in the 70s. It's nice because you can enjoy the snowy days, but never have to deal with extended dreariness. Though, sometimes I wish the snow would last a little longer than it does!

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