Thursday, December 20, 2012

Felt Rose Christmas Decor Part 2

 At our house in Greensboro we were, shall I say, lucky? We had a ginormous sweet gum tree that blanketed our backyard with spiky gumballs. You couldn't really walk barefoot back there without your feet being sliced open and even with shoes it made the ground so uneven that I often feared a twisted ankle. To get rid of them we would have to rent this big outdoor vacuum cleaner because they were far to tedious to rake.

Last year I found a tutorial on Martha Stewart suggesting making a wreath out of said gumballs, which I did and was so excited about. Apparently it got lost in the move from North Carolina to Colorado and I found myself sans wreath when it came time to put up our decorations this year. Since I had the idea of making felt rose centerpieces I thought a wreath would complement them well.

The following pictures are really awful I know. I used my phone and it clearly has major limitations particularly with the color red. I am getting better about using the actual camera and hopefully, will have less and less of these type of pictures. For now these are the pictures I took of the process so I have to use them.

I cut out two strips of red felt and wrapped it around a Styrofoam wreath; attaching the ends with hot glue. Then I made a huge pile of the roses and hot glued them on to the wreath. Pretty simple, but much more time consuming then I had thought. I also made a felt rose to attach to it; since I didn't want to hot glue it to the wreath it has fallen off with my different endeavors and I have let the idea go. I am really happy with the wreath and hopefully next year I will still have it (or my gumball wreath will turn up).

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