Monday, September 6, 2010

Arrival of Autumn

Nearly every morning I take my daughter on a walk at the bicentennial gardens. During the month of August beautiful butterflies have been everywhere. This last week or so they are starting to be less in numbers. More than often I notice them moving slowly or sitting on a flower with their wings barely moving, even with a breeze.

Today while my daughter gathered rocks and played with her sidewalk chalk, I noticed some yellowed leaves that have fallen from the tree in the front yard. All the flowers seem slightly wilted though sometimes one perfect one tries to peak out its unblemished petals. It seems that Autumn is starting to come around. It has taken awhile it seems because the heat has been so incredibly high.

I have to admit I am looking forward to cool breezes, golden leaves, and sweater weather. I'm sure it is still far on the horizon, but luckily I can finally see it. I know relief is on its way.

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urbanresearch said...

These are lovely. What a nice mother-daughter thing to do. I'm looking forward to fall too :)