Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An Orange Chair

A few months ago I moved my desk downstairs because I couldn't bring my daughter to the upstairs office (there is way too much stuff for her to get into). I didn't have a chair to use in the living room and had to use a kitchen chair. My husband and I upholstered our headboard and I have wanted to upholster a chair as well. Years ago I used to watch House Beautiful every Sunday and they did a profile on a woman who fixes up chairs and have always wanted to try it myself.

The hardest part was finding a cheap wooden chair. It took me a good month or so to find one. Our living room is light blue and my sister suggested orange would pop well in the room. We had to completely rebuild the seat because the wood was coming apart. I'm very happy with it and excited that I finally fixed up a chair.


Andrea said...

LOvely... going to steal this idea!

Megan said...

This chair is so gorgeous! I love the blue and orange together.

alexandria said...