Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The New UPS?

My grandmother read it like it was a word instead of an acronym. "I sent your package ups, should get there tomorrow." There was a point when I tried the pronunciation out, but people just thought I was dumb, whereas my grandmother was charming. I guess that how it goes. She had a contagious smile and laid back laugh. She never said, "hi," she said, "Well, Hey..." and gave you a hug.

This week good old ups paid us a visit making me wonder: didn't they use to knock? They didn't always stay to chat, but at least gave the common decency of letting you know they were on your front porch and leaving a package. In the past few years their delivery has gotten shakier and shakier, until today when, I'm quite certain, the delivery man threw my package from the truck door or at least the sidewalk. I heard a thump. A loud one. The package contained only clothes so no real harm done. Other than the fading memory of delivery men who were courteous and I was able to communicate with even if it was a just a wave and a thank you as they headed back to their truck. Oh, the bygone era when we people interacted with each other in person, face to face, with words, smiles, and sometimes even a wink (another of my grandmother's fave).

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