Monday, September 27, 2010

Varied Thoughts

My camera battery is dead and my supply of photographs is dwindling. It's times like this that I am thankful that I go overboard when taking photos of flowers at the various gardens. Hopefully, I will remedy this tomorrow. We have had an exciting past few days. Yesterday, we were rear ended at a stop light. Luckily, we're fine and looks as though our bumper took on all the pressure. I've never been in an accident as a passenger and it is a definite shock to the system because I had no idea what was coming. Of course, a crying baby and the immediate, desperate concern for her well being probably also had to do with the tension in my shoulders. Within a minute of my freeing her from the car seat she was laughing and playing; thrilled to be able to crawl all around the car while we waited for the police. Thank goodness it is all over.

It has been raining nearly non-stop these past few days. We are greatly in need of rain here, so it is a good thing. Plus, I am so tired of these 90+ days, I desperately want to pull out some sweaters and long sleeved shirts. Even all the rain hasn't made it too much cooler due to the thick humidity. On our walk today I saw plenty of joggers in minuscule shorts. Oh well. I know fall is on the horizon because the leaves are slowly changing, but it sure is taking an awful long time. I know that I will wake up one morning and the leaves will all seem to have changed over night. It always seems to happen that way.

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Anonymous said...

Oh that picture is beautiful. I wish I had a store of photos like this on my computer!