Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back to the Routine

My mom left on Tuesday and yesterday my routine felt all out of whack and I couldn't make it to the computer. I think I (we) are getting back on track; mostly because I am back to having my "me" time tonight. My husband and daughter are passed out. I can use the computer and watch anything I want on TV. Small pleasures.

Today is my good friends birthday. I have known her for about two decades. Long time. On her birthday I can reminisce about bygone years, but since she is older than me I always feel young. The only time being older was a benefit was when she turned 16. That was a good year for her. You'd think 21 would have been good, but she said it wasn't too fun because no one else could go out to the bars with her. She was 30 first and will be 40 first. And some people say a month doesn't make a difference.

Of course it comes back to get me because me other friend that I've known for almost three decades is younger than me by a month and a half. So I'll be feeling old in January.

Happy Birthday Lindsey! Love you.

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