Friday, September 3, 2010

Flip'n Friday

Yard Sale: Moving to Hawaii from Chelsea Wayant on Vimeo.

This week for Flip'n Friday I've made a piece about my sister's garage sale. She moved to Hawaii on Wednesday and had to sell all of her stuff. This consisted of a lot of clothes. I knew that she loved clothes and had a substantial collection, but it was pretty amazing to actually see it all laid out in piles.

For those of you that are new to this blog every Friday I post a video for the week. Normally, I shoot the pieces with a simple Flip Camera, but every now and then I will use my Canon or edit footage from one of my films into a trailer or whatnot. It just depends on the week. You can see all the Flip'n Friday here (or just check out this and this, two of my favorites).

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Viilhvile said...

Really enjoyed my stay here; from my perspective (in the Norwegian countryside) it's like a whole different world... great images! Can you imagine, we don't have anything like a garage sale :)