Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 04: A friend I adore.

Ever since I have been back in Colorado I have had a regularly scheduled Wednesday coffee date with my friend from high school, Anne. It is amazing to have someone to talk to about your weekly problems. She makes things feel easier. Plus, she is pretty awesome she is an artist and is finding a way to make it all work. She creates, sells, and shows beautiful pottery; she maintains Etsy sites and blogs, teaches art to children plus raises her own daughter. I am pretty lucky to have her as a friend (for about two decades and counting; when did I get so old that I think about things in terms of decades?).

As I write this I am also thinking about a friend my daughter adores. My friend from grad school is visiting from North Carolina this week for the Denver Film Festival. His name is Chris and my daughter insanely adores him. I usually get asked on a bi-monthly occasion as to whether we can go visit Chris or invite him to our house; seeing as he lives in Winston-Salem, NC, it is a bit hard to honor that request. On Friday, his first full day here, all morning long all I heard was: "Where's Chris? Is Chris calling us? Is he going to be here soon? Are we walking to where Chris is? Is the phone ringing? Is it Chris? When do I get to see Chris?" Chris. Chris. Chris. Chris.
(top photo by Anne)

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