Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 12: The last item I purchased.

I am on a sewing kick. This usually happens to me around Halloween because I always make my daughter her costume and then I get inspired. This year I am making her a special dress to wear to the Nutcracker on Thanksgiving weekend. Now I am considering making something for myself. Last week we were walking around the mall and a Madewell store just opened. There was a red lace dress there (imagine the dress below in red) that I thought would be nice to wear to the Nutcracker. It was a steal at $160. I was just daydreaming; I can't afford a new dress at all much less one from Madewell.

Pinned Image
Then I got the idea that I could make the dress because it is a pretty simple design. So the last thing I bought was a pattern, red fabric, and red lace. The lace isn't as textural as I wanted, but they did not have red in that style of lace plus it was about three times as expensive. Hopefully it will turn out. I have to finish it by next Wednesday.

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