Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 05: My hometown.

Boulder, Colorado. Hippie Mecca of the past. Currently, a really expensive place to live.

 Right now I live in Denver, but we are planning on moving to Boulder in a few months. I think I prefer living in a smallish hippie-esque town over the "big city." Boulder has a bike path that winds through the entire city and last summer my daughter and I were driving downtown and she wanted to take a walk and I thought we should just park and walk down the path. Nowadays, in downtown Boulder you can't park for free. Luckily, I knew that because school was out I could park in the senior lot at Boulder High School for free! Yay! All sorts of memories flooded over me as a stood in my old parking lot. You'd never think that pavement could be so emotional! I took a picture to post on Facebook to see if my high school friends could identify where I had been that day, but I forgot about the picture so I included it here. You can see the Flatirons in the background. They are a rock formation that looks like ironing boards stacked against each other and they are on of things that make Boulder unique.

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